Competitive advantage with digitalisation and information

Together with the opportunities brought by digitalisation, globalisation shapes the fields of operation of the industry’s different sectors at an accelerating sped. This highlights the importance of the ability to work as a part of a value chain and the need to develop the efficiency and transparency of the supply chains’ operational management.

More and more often, everyday operations are controlled by an order-based operating model and the lean thinking that aims to remove unproductive functions. Increasing competitiveness is significantly influenced by the services that support the use and maintenance of the end product and also enable completely new kinds of business models. Agility and the ability to change are key in maintaining competitiveness. This requires flexibility from information systems.

The amount of information on offer is growing, as business processes and services become digitalised. The real opportunities lie in refining the amounts of data available into an understandable form. Combining this understanding with the changes in consumer behaviour and demand creates excellent prerequisites for product and service development, the basic elements of a competitive advantage.

We help actors in manufacturing industry in the following areas:

Service development

We help our customers to digitalise business processes, develop new services for the different stages and channels of the service path, and include the opportunities of industrial internet as a part of our customers' everyday operations, for the benefit of their own customers.

Enterprise resource planning

The ability to change in order to meet future needs calls for flexible information systems, which in turn require an enterprise architecture that suits the needs. With our operative management solutions and services, we improve the efficiency of our customers' operations and their ability to change, thereby creating the prerequisites for competitiveness.

Efficient use of data

The amount of information on offer is growing, as business processes and services become digitalised. We help our customers with refining this enormous amount of data into a usable form to support decision-making and as a source of new services.

Why Digia?

Digia has years of experience in cooperating with companies in different fields of industry. Together with our customers, we develop information system solutions and services for their individual business needs that support the entire multichannel service chain from production to the everyday life of the end customer.

Our offering includes the following solutions and services: 

Information system services     |     Enterprise architecture     |     Consulting     |     Developing solution models     |     Integration services