Why to invest in Digia?


Digia is a profitably growing IT service company that helps its customers harness digital opportunities.


As a visionary partner, Digia develops and innovates solutions that support business operations together with its customers. Our ability to provide solutions extends to customers’ core systems, ERP and the integration of business processes.


We are well positioned in the centre of the digital growth market.


The company wants to grow at a much faster pace than the IT market. Digia seeks growth from areas that are seeing stronger growth than the traditional IT market, such as digital services and process development. Growth is sought both organically and inorganically.


Digia seeks average annual growth of 15 per cent, a good level of profitability and cash flow. We aim to distribute 30 per cent of the annual profit in dividends. We will actively explore opportunities to make carefully selected business acquisitions that support the company strategy.


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