Electronic services

Better service, benefiting both you and your customers

E-services enable the offering of interactive public and private sector services to different interest groups regardless of time and place. Ease of use, reliability, high privacy protection and adaptability to the needs of users and changing legislation are some of the requirements for modern e-services. Users of e-services are used to flexible handling of affairs, and require from service providers tools for easy access of services, providing and sharing information, and handling affairs. 

This is how we help

We conceptualise, plan and carry out e-services and multichannel e-service operations for various purposes, from implementing official licence services to developing e-services for companies operating in the finance sector, in order to provide customers a tool for running all of their bank, insurance and finance errands flexibly and regardless of time and place. 

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The accessibility of your services and your ability to serve your interest groups is improved

Your services are easily accessible in the electronic service channel as well, regardless of time and place.

Improvement of customer service quality and cost-efficiency

Automation of the entire handling process, from using the service to decision-making and notification, will help get rid of the cumbersome handling of paper forms and manual typing of data to the organisation's systems ad registers. Services can be transferred to a channel that is more flexible and transparent to the customers and more cost-efficient to the organisation.

Your organisation can be reached faster and easier via electronic services

For many people, the Internet has become the first point of contact in finding help and services. For example in a public administration organisation, the new quality level of service not only helps you fulfil the requirements of administrative legislation and good practices of administration, but it can also break old views of the intricacies of administrative services. In addition, high-quality e-services improve customer satisfaction, which has become an important indicator in all industries.

You will be able to offer services that benefits both you and your customers

Service access improvement

The extra time of staff can be used for higher added value expertise and customer service tasks

Flexibility of service and the increased level of self-service improve the quality and effectiveness of customer service


The reformation of service processes and methods increase the cost-efficiency and effectiveness of business operations



Increased transparency leads to a more diverse and comprehensive view of the operations of the service provider organisation

Automation and development of handling and case management shortens the processing time of service cases

Customers have a better view to service processes and the status of their service request handling

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