Information security

We make sure your information stays safe

Digitalisation and the continuous growth of the amount of data increase the importance of data security while the Internet of Things will bring us new kinds of electronic and multi-channel services.
As operations and services become electronic, threats and risks are changed as crime increases in global information networks. 
When secure operative systems and services that are available to everyone are created, security must be integrated into all phases of service creation from design to user experience. 

We will take the specific requirements of your business into account

  • data archiving
  • personal identification
  • encryption of messages and voice
  • view of information security
  • management of data security


We are familiar with the guidelines

KATAKRI     |      VAHTI guidelines      |       ISO 27000      |      PCI DSS      |      PKI      |      SIEM      |      IAM      |      OWASP

Digia is a trusted partner for secure operational system development.

Digia has years of experience in implementing secure and user-friendly operative systems and communication and service solutions. We work in close cooperation with authorities that direct and supervise safety.

  • High-security systems for public administration
  • Digital business solutions for industry and commerce
  • Efficient finance and telecom solutions

Our systems and solutions meet industry standards

We want to ensure the continuity of operation to our customers and their interest groups. Our management system for information security that complies with security policy takes into account IT security, physical security, occupational safety, information security, and the risk management of operational safety. Digia has audited (ST4 and ST3) production facilities for implementing security-classified projects, services and products.


Almost one million passports and ID cards, safely and efficiently.

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