Registry extract

This is a registry extract according to the Personal Information Act, 523/1999, section 10. Created on 15 June, 2015.


1. Registration holder

Digia Finland Ltd. (Business ID 1091248-4)
Valimotie 21, FIN-00380 Helsinki
Tel +358 10 313 3000
Fax +358 10 313 3700

2. The person responsible for registry matters and/or the contact person

Jermu Pöllänen
Digia Finland Ltd.
Valimotie 21, FIN-00380 Helsinki
Tel +358 10 313 3000
Fax +358 10 313 3700

3. Registry name

User registry for location information for emergency calls made using a mobile application. 

4. Intent of personal information processing/registry

The personal information saved to the user registry is used for the temporary storage for location information delivered by Digia Finland Ltd. to the Emergency Response Centre. 

5. Registry information contents

The registry is used to collect information on the users of the application, such as: 

  • The caller´s phone number
  • The caller´s location information
  • The time of the emergency call

6. Regulatory information sources

The reristry holder registers the service user´s information to the extent that is necessary for delivering the location infromation required by Emergency Response Centre for emergency calls. 

7. Regular relinquishment of information and delivery of the information outside of the EU and the European Economic Area

No regular relinquishment of information to other third parties. No relinquihment of information outside the EU or EEA. 

8. Registry´s security principles

The information of the service´s user registry is saved to the registry holder´s system, which is protected by the operating systems´s security software and operations. Entering the system requires a user-based identifier. 

The system is also protected with firewalls and other technological means. The information saved to the system is only accessible for certain predefined employees of the registry holder. They are also the only persons entitled to use this information. The information in the registry is located in locked, guarded spaces. 

9. Registered person´s right of inspection

A registered person is entitled to inspect the information saved to the registry concerning them, as well as receive copies of the information. The inspection request needs to be made in writing and presented to the person in chage of registry. 

10. Making corrections to the information

The saved information is kept for at most one day. Thus, there is no special need to be able to correct and remove the information.