112 Suomi mobile app helping you during the epidemic – Omaolo symptom evaluation service added

The 112 Suomi mobile app now forwards you to a COVID-19 symptom evaluation service. Users of the Omaolo web service receive a recommended course of action and treatment instructions based on the system’s evaluation. The 112 Suomi app has over 1.6 million active users.

As the coronavirus epidemic continues, demand for the authorities’ services has grown. A new feature has been added to the Emergency Response Centre Administration’s 112 Suomi app that forwards users to the Omaolo COVID-19 symptom evaluation web service. The symptom evaluation service is intended to help users estimate the likelihood that they have become infected with coronavirus and to provide guidance on how to prevent spreading the virus and how to estimate their own treatment needs.

“Due to the strain placed on various service numbers, allowing people to evaluate the likelihood of having been infected with coronavirus for themselves is a significant advantage. We are glad that we have been able to include Omaolo among the app’s services. It is important that people have a range of different services brought together in one place during situations where they may need help. The 112 Suomi app is an excellent platform for this, as it already has over 1.6 million users,” Application Specialist Sami Suomalainen at the Emergency Response Centre Administration states. is a digital public-sector social and health service that has been developed by the state-owned development company SoteDigi Oy in collaboration with cities, municipalities and hospital districts. The Omaolo service is a CE-marked medical product.

Nationwide symptom evaluation for COVID-19 was added to Omaolo in March. The form evaluates the likelihood of infection, gives guidance on how to prevent spreading the virus and directs the user to the appropriate health services. The contents and evaluation logic of the form has been designed in collaboration with Duodecim Medical Publications Ltd and the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, and it is continuously kept up to date as the situation evolves. 

“COVID-19 symptom evaluation has quickly risen to be the most used survey with more than 300,000 instances of use. The service has been very well received. Omaolo offers people guidance on seeking care with other symptoms as well. The service can be used anywhere in Finland and more than half of all residents can already contact a professional directly through it,” says Omaolo’s Product Owner Jari Numminen.

The new services will become available on the 112 Suomi app on 1 April. In order to access the new services, users need to update the app. Omaolo can be found on the service’s second tab.

The 112 Suomi app has been produced by the Emergency Response Centre Administration in collaboration with Digia Oyj.

Additional information:

Emergency Response Centre Administration
Sami Suomalainen
Application Specialist
tel. +358 (0)295 481 467

SoteDigi OY
Jari Numminen
Product Owner
tel. +358 (0)46 877 2162

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