Digia and Finnish municipalities working together to reform care services

Five Finnish municipalities, Espoo, Kouvola, Oulu, Tampere and Turku have joined forces in order to launch an advanced system for handling outsourced care services and the associated service voucher system.

Until now, the handling of service vouchers has been a time-consuming manual task. Digia will deliver an electronic system which will be taken into use in phases, starting in spring 2014. The new system will bring automation and efficiency to the service handling process, together with significant cost-savings.

We are using money borrowed from our children and grandchildren to fund our social and healthcare services in the municipal sector. It is clear that great, systemic reforms are needed. This is a step in the right direction,” says Director of Social Services and Health Juha Metso from the City of Espoo.

We deliver efficient electronic services that are easy to use for end users. We offer a full service concept and utilize open source software where applicable, which is cost-effective for the customer,” says Head of Industry, public sector Sami Rantanen from Digia.

Kuntien Tiera, a collaboration forum owned by Finnish municipalities, is responsible for introducing the solution nationwide to its partner municipalities. The Finnish Ministry of Finance and the National Institute for Health and Welfare are partly funding the project.


Further information:
Sami Rantanen
Head of industry, public sector
+358 40 772 2920

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