Digia’s new ERP user interface gains high scores in usability tests

Digia has launched a new version of its ERP system: Digia Enterprise 5. The system has been tested for usability by Adage, an independent expert in usability and user experience. Digia Enterprise 5 was rated “good” in comparison with other professional ERP user interfaces. The interface was praised especially for its desktop view, visual appearance, search function and tab functionality.

The development project was motivated by the wish to make people’s everyday work easier. We believe that the role of design will be increasingly highlighted also in this sector in the future. The goal was to develop a user interface that caters for the users’ needs and is effortless, simple and efficient to use,” says Roy Nurmi, Vice President, Business Solutions.

A warm thanks to all our customers who have provided extremely useful information for our product development. The product was launched to customers at the User Conference held in Helsinki on November 14th, and the initial reactions were very positive,” says Sales Director Arto Raudaskoski.


Further information:

Roy Nurmi
Vice President, Business Solutions

Arto Raudaskoski
Sales Director

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