New in Digia: Foresight consultancy unit keeps pace with changing consumer behaviour

Launched in early 2014, Digia Foresight is a new business consultancy unit specialized in anticipating changes in consumer behaviour and the business environment. Digia Foresight consultants develop new services and earnings logics together with Digia’s customers.

The Foresight team enables Digia’s customers to get one step ahead in a business environment shaped by technology. We help them understand consumer behaviour and develop better services that work in everyday settings,” says Head of Industry Kai Virtanen, leader of the Foresight team. “We read the weak signals in consumer behaviour around the world, and work together with our customers in their everyday. By combining foresight with customer understanding, we are able to suggest new ideas that work.

Foresight consultants help Digia’s customers in developing services, steering operations and utilizing information in different business environments.


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Kai Virtanen

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