Digia to assume responsibility for the maintenance of St1's business-critical systems

St1 and Digia have signed a three-year AMS (Application Management Service) agreement, by which St1 is effectively outsourcing its information system maintenance to Digia. St1 now has one partner with overall responsibility for its business-critical applications.

The objective of the agreement is to facilitate the overall management of the information system and service development. With just one partner instead of nearly twenty, managing IT partnerships will be significantly easier for St1. St1 believes this arrangement will also enhance flexibility in service production.

“Having a partner who understands not just individual information systems but the entire configuration, and who works in close cooperation with us on a daily basis enables the continuous improvement of our systems and operations,” says Marko Korhonen, St1's CIO.

The new arrangement also generates significant cost savings.

Greater responsibility for Digia based on close cooperation

This agreement is an extension of the previous cooperation between Digia and St1. Digia was responsible for system integration in St1's recent, major system modernisation, and for delivering a Microsoft Dynamics AX enterprise resource planning solution. The new agreement also covers the maintenance of analytics and NAV modules.

“Our close and good working relationship was the foundation for this new agreement, which considerably enhances Digia's role as a partner. Since the beginning, Digia has shown its commitment to providing superior service and dedication to developing its own operations. Agility, fast response and customer orientation make Digia an excellent partner,” Korhonen explains.

“We have made a determined, long-term commitment to our cooperation. We are delighted that we have earned the customer's trust with our actions and achievements,” says Director Jarkko Lindroos.

Determined transition towards comprehensive service delivery

For Digia, the recently signed AMS agreement is an important milestone in its determined transition into a comprehensive service supplier.

“We are adopting a new approach to providing services. The agreement with St1 includes new elements from risk-sharing to flexible and fixed pricing, all the way to an agile service and contract model required for modern and competitive service provision,” Director Juho Seppälä concludes.


Watch the videos of cooperation between St1 and Digia:

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  Everyday systems work as a whole and ensure consistent operations


For further information, please contact

Marko Korhonen
St1 Oy
Tel. +358 50 431 2105

Jarkko Lindroos
Director, Strategic Accounts
Digia Plc
Tel. +358 40 582 9271

Juho Seppälä
Director, Microsoft Dynamics
Digia Plc
Tel. +358 40 550 0860

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