New partner Konsultnet complements Digia's Analytics offering

Digia and Swedish Konsultnet have signed a partnership agreement. This partnership will complement Digia's financial management services with Konsultnet's Effectplan software – a tool for automating budgeting and enhancing financial reporting.

According to Director Niko Grandell, Digia seeks to complement its reporting and analytics offering with various added-value services corresponding to the wishes and needs of customers.

”There has been a clear demand for a tool for financial and budgeting process management. Konsultnet's Effectplan is an agile and easy-to-use solution responding to this need,” Grandell continues.

”Digia's Analytics solutions always aim to take advantage of the leading technologies on the market. This is why matters such as QlikView compatibility weighed heavily in our choice of partner. We are thrilled to have discovered a next-generation solution like Effectplan to complement our offering,” says Grandell.

 “We look forward to working with Digia as a partner as they have an understanding of what we want to accomplish with Effectplan. They also have the experience, competence and size to take on larger projects.” says Bernt Olsson, Head of Sales and Marketing at Konsultnet.

Further Information:
Niko Grandell, Director, Analytics

Bernt Olsson, Sälj- och marknadschef
+46 708 408101

About Konsultnet
Konsultnet, successful supplier of high quality superior Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Planning and Business Intelligence (BI) solutions. Their clients are in most cases medium and large companies and organizations. Their success goes back twenty years and is built on long-term, mutually beneficial relations and customer satisfaction is, according to a recent survey, over 95%.

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