Digia invests in building domestic expertise: Training to be offered, recruitment will continue

Digia’s personnel has grown from 750 a year ago to 850, which means that the company’s growth target of a hundred employees per year was achieved in October. Our rapid growth is set to continue. The application period for Digia’s Integration Academy begins on 1 December. At the Code Camp event, co-hosted with the TE Office in Jyväskylä on 29 November, Digia offers visitors an opportunity to learn more about coding.


Agencies under Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment  and Ministry of Foreign Affairs to enter into closer CRM cooperation – Digia selected as the solution provider

Shared customer information improves customer service and simplifies administrative work.


Finnish tax administration chooses Digia Finland LTD as software supplier of national income register

The overall cost for a 15-year contract period is about EUR 90 million, of which Digia accounts for approximately EUR 60 million.


Varma and Digia expand their cooperation – stronger cooperation is part of Digia's strategy

After several years of integration development work, Varma and Digia are deepening their cooperation through a new framework agreement.


Digia launches new financial-sector outsourcing – FIM outsources back-office functions for funds to Digia

Digia will take responsibility for NAV calculation and shareholder register maintenance for funds managed by the investment services provider FIM. Digia will also be carrying out administrative tasks for discretionary asset management portfolios for FIM. Twenty people will transfer from FIM to Digia as part of the agreement. The outsourcing agreement will enable the company to focus on its core business. For Digia, the agreement marks entry into a whole new area.


Digia strengthens its position in the e-commerce market and buys Igence

Today, 14 June 2016, Digia Plc and Transaktum Oy Ab have signed a purchase agreement whereby Digia Plc will acquire the entire share capital of Igence Oy Ab from Transaktum Oy Ab. Through this acquisition, Digia will strengthen its expertise in the growing e-commerce market according to its strategy.


Digia and Qt have demerged into two companies – Digia’s new strategy’s main themes revealed

Digia and Qt have demerged into two independent companies starting from 1st of May. Juha Varelius will take upon the position of President and CEO of Qt Group Plc. The new CEO of Digia PLC is Timo Levoranta. Digia’s new growth strategy for 2016-2019 has been decided.


Proper integration is the key to successful digitalisation – Digia calls for more attention to integrations in IT education

Integrations are one of the most significant IT-related factors companies can consider to increase their competitiveness, regardless of whether the intention is to boost efficiency or to utilise the information collected in the company systems in order to develop new services and operations models. The increasing importance of integrations brings more work for specialists. In Finland, training programmes with focus on integrations are few and far between.


Digia Salpa mobile communications solution receives national information security classification in the Bittium Tough Mobile™ smartphone

Digia Salpa – a highly secure communications solution for companies and the public sector – has been granted official encryption product approval by the National Cyber Security Centre of the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority to process national classification level IV (ST IV) material in the Bittium Tough Mobile smartphone.

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