Digia invests in building domestic expertise: Training to be offered, recruitment will continue

Digia’s personnel has grown from 750 a year ago to 850, which means that the company’s growth target of a hundred employees per year was achieved in October. Our rapid growth is set to continue. The application period for Digia’s Integration Academy begins on 1 December. At the Code Camp event, co-hosted with the TE Office in Jyväskylä on 29 November, Digia offers visitors an opportunity to learn more about coding.

At Digia, business operations rely on a highly skilled Finnish workforce. For this reason, the number of skilled recruits available on the job market makes a difference. Recruitment in the traditional sense of the word is no longer enough; instead, IT companies need to identify new, more active ways of attracting young talents and career changers to the IT industry.

Integration Academy - an opportunity to address the continuous need for integration specialists

In January-February, Digia will organise a free system integration course on six weeknights, with the intention of finding new employees for the company. Organised for the first time last spring, the Integration Academy will now be expanded to cover Tampere in addition to Helsinki. Participants from elsewhere in Finland are also encouraged to attend. New workforce will be needed in locations such as Jyväskylä, following the expansion of Digia’s integration business to the Jyväskylä office early next year.

Integration business operations is one of Digia's fastest growing business areas, where new talent is almost always in demand. Finding this talent, however, is easier said than done as Finnish schools and universities offer a very limited range of programmes focusing on integration.

According to Teemu Virtanen, Vice President of Integration Business, integration represents a major competitive, IT-based, asset for companies, regardless of whether they intend to increase their efficiency or use the information collected in the company’s systems.

"On course syllabuses, the traditional approach is to include integration in the total service package. However, the implementation and management of integration materially affects the way in which information stored in systems can be used, which in turn affects the company’s speed in business development and new service launches. Integration is the core of digitalisation," says Virtanen.

As part of the Integration Academy, Digia will increase cooperation with educational institutions. The objective is to use guest lectures and demonstrations as tools to help include the integration aspect in IT studies, and thereby interest a larger number of students in system integration.

Code Camp offers an opportunity to try coding in Jyväskylä

On Tuesday 29 November, the Employment and Economic Development Services of Central Finland, the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment of Central Finland, JAMK University of Applied Sciences and Flowa will organise a Code Camp event, with Digia acting as one of the main partners. The idea is to offer anyone interested an opportunity to try coding, and become inspired.

Code Camp was developed by the TE Office and local companies as a means of responding to IT recruitment needs in Central Finland. The main target group consists of potential career changers and job seekers.

Digia is increasingly involved in building background processes in Finnish society. It is therefore natural that our participation in discussions and projects designed to promote the common good shows similar growth. This project is a great example of a new kind of local cooperation in Jyväskylä, "says Digia’s Mika Korhonen.

The IT industry can offer a new career for all kinds of people, even a former fighter pilot. Read the story of Digia’s Jari Korpela!

For further information, please contact:

Teemu Virtanen
Vice President, Integration and utilisation of information
Tel. +358 40 849 1159

Mika Korhonen
Senior Manager, Digia Code Camp contact person
Tel. +358 40 574 6823

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