Allocation of corporate subsidies now easier –Tampere first to introduce new digital model

The bureaucracy associated with applying for corporate subsidies combined with the overall difficulty of the process has hindered their use, particularly among small businesses. PSOP system will now enable corporate subsidies to be allocated electronically, thereby lowering the threshold for their use and benefiting both municipal actors and service providers.

PSOP system will automate and improve the efficiency of service administration for services provided via municipal service vouchers and as procurement service. It will also support service market development and give customers greater freedom of choice. The operating model covers 16 municipal actors, a population base of 2.1 million people, and about 1,300 private-sector service providers. The system has been implemented by Digia, and is owned and administrated by municipal actors.

"Now, all municipal actors who use the PSOP system will also be able to allocate corporate subsidies more flexibly as corporate e-vouchers" says Business Manager Sari Koljonen from Kuntien Tiera.

In practice, corporate subsidies can be applied for in the form of ready-made service packages that service providers advertise in a digital portal. Customer companies can search the portal directly for the services that best support their development, such as training or consulting. Services are purchased using corporate e-vouchers granted by the municipal actor that administers the service. Companies that provide and require support services can now meet directly through the portal, thereby reducing the bureaucracy involved.

"Municipal actors can provide companies with more flexible support, and the process is now automated and more efficient for municipal actors. At the same time, municipal actors are also supporting support service providers by giving them an effortless new channel for offering services and meeting other companies. Everybody wins," says Sami Rantanen, Head of Industry at Digia.

Tampere first adopter – interest in the EU

The Tampere Region Economic Development Agency Tredea was the first company to adopt the corporate e-vouchers as part of its Innovation Voucher project. In March, Tredea's innovation voucher was also noted in the EU InnoBridge project, which seeks to evaluate and develop regional innovation policy. It was the innovation voucher's digital service platform, openness and market-oriented approach that generated the most interest.

"Building on a ready-made platform will significantly accelerate our schedule for the innovation voucher pilot and considerably reduce the costs," said Niina Immonen, Director, Smart City Solutions, when announcing Tredea's choice to use the PSOP system.

Further information:

Sari Koljonen
Business Manager,
Kuntien Tiera Oy
sari.koljonen(a) /+358 (0)40 556 8201

Sami Rantanen
Head of Industry, Public
Digia Plc
sami.rantanen(at) / +358 (0)40 772 2920

Jukka Reunavuori
Project Manager, Innovation Voucher
Tampere Region Economic Development Agency Tredea
jukka.reunavuori(at) / +358 (0)40 637 8702

The Best Service joint municipal operating model and PSOP system that supports it will make it easier for municipal actors to administer, provide and use service vouchers and outsourced services. The system has already been tendered for municipalities and is easy to introduce.

Established in 2010 and owned by over 260 municipal actors, Kuntien Tiera Oy is a nationwide enabler for municipal cooperation. Tiera helps its customer-owners to develop their business, and drives change by providing customer-oriented system and service solutions in collaboration with its partners. Tiera is an influential partner and the fruits of its labour can be seen at a national level throughout the municipal sector. Tiera employs about 100 people across Finland and its net sales totalled EUR 27 million in 2016.

Digia is a profitably growing IT service company that helps its customers harness digital opportunities. As a visionary partner, Digia develops and innovates solutions that support business operations together with its customers. We adapt our expertise to their specific industries to help them develop digital services, manage operations and utilise information. We employ 870 experts in Finland and Sweden. Digia's continuing operations reported net sales of EUR 86.5 million in 2016. The company is listed on NASDAQ Helsinki (DIG1V).

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