Closer integration of agile development and service design into the Defence Forces’ ICT projects – Digia serves as mentor and trainer

The staff of the Finnish Defence Forces will become familiar with the basics of agile development and service design through, for example, a specialised KETTU training package.

In summer 2016, the Defence Forces launched a change programme called KETTU with the goal of integrating agile development and service design more closely to the ICT projects of the Finnish Defence Forces. Digia’s role in this change programme has been to participate in the creation of a KETTU training package for the Defence Forces’ Moodle learning platform.

The training package includes, for example, webinars on different service design methods and their implementation. The training package is designed for the staff of the Finnish Defence Forces and the representatives of its partner organisations.

“One of the programme’s objectives is to initiate change in the type of mindset and operating culture that are used in ICT development projects. After the service design tools have been introduced, it will be easy to apply new methods and invent completely new practices that are best suited to our operations,” says Finnish Defence Forces Colonel Reima Kuutsa.

As part of the training package, Digia has also produced a project performance analysis model for the Defence Forces for assessing the level of maturity of its projects.

“The purpose of the maturity model is to assess the current state of our key projects relating to service design and agile development and where we should be focusing our efforts,” Kuutsa explains.

In addition to the planning and implementation of the training package, Digia also offers mentoring and on-site training days to support the Defence Forces in moving towards agile development.

“Making an organisation’s operations more agile is a long-term process in which a wide-ranging vision of the processes, leadership, tools and changing the culture of the organisation is required. It is a comprehensive change that we are happy to support the Defence Forces to achieve,” says Digia’s Senior Consultant Veikko Nokkala.

“We are proud of this latest chapter in our long-term partnership with the Finnish Defence Forces. This is also a great recognition of Digia’s competence in service design and agile development,” says Digia’s Head of Industry Sami Rantanen.


For more information, please contact:

The Finnish Defence Forces
Reima Kuutsa
Tel. +358 299 577 300

Digia Plc
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Head of Industry
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