Digia to digitalise Atria’s services for producers

By digitalising and mobilising services, we can make producers’ daily lives that little bit easier. It will also boost the efficiency of the production chain and give personnel more time to focus on developing facilities.

Digia is implementing the Producer’s Desktop solution, which will make services easily accessible to all of Atria’s meat producers and cereal farms through a single channel. One of the desktop’s elements will be a web store. The solution is based on the Episerver CMS publication system and the Episerver Commerce platform. Digia will also be implementing a poultry production ERP for Atria, to facilitate production chain coordination from egg farms to producers and, ultimately, to store shelves.

The Producer’s Desktop can be used on mobile devices, so it will be a lot quicker to make all kinds of entries during everyday work. The mobile app will also send important reminders directly to a user’s mobile phone. As the various functions all work as part of an integrated whole, when you receive a notification saying that you are running low on animal feed, the app will enable you to restock directly from the web store then and there.

The Producer’s Desktop will replace Atria’s former services for producers, A-Net and Siipinet. It will contain both updated versions of familiar services and a variety of brand-new functions.

Visuals make information easier to use

The Producer’s Desktop solution has invested in visual indicators and parameters that will make it easier for producers to monitor differences between batches or compare their own production to local averages.

“The more accurate data there is available, the better producers can develop their own operations, and the easier it is for us at Atria to support them with the right kinds of services. When entries can easily be made from anywhere on the farm and the tools are sufficiently appealing, more accurate data will be recorded,” says Atria’s Jari Leija, CEO, A-rehu and A-Tuottajat.

 Interviews on farms reveal what kinds of services producers value

The developments are part of Atria’s goal to be the best and most desirable partner to producers. In early 2016, Digia provided Atria with service map consulting to analyse what kinds of services primary producers value and through which channels they use them.

The analysis was implemented through observations and interviews conducted at producers’ farms. Face-to-face interviews were supplemented by telephone interviews. The analysis revealed that, in order to get things done, producers had to fill out many different forms and make entries in a variety of services, which they found frustrating.

“Digia’s strategy focuses on digitalising our customers’ services and processes, based on a profound understanding of both our customers and their business areas.  We help our customers to digitalise their own operations. Digia has profound expertise in both the food and drink industry and primary production, which was extremely beneficial when we started to think how Atria could provide its vital producer network with better service while simultaneously developing its business,” says Digia Director Jarkko Lindroos.

For further information, please contact:
Jari Leija
CEO, A-Tuottajat and A-Rehu
Tel. 358 (0)40 559 7213

Jarkko Lindroos
Director, Strategic Accounts, Digia
Tel. +358 (0)40 582 9271

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