St1 partnered with Digia to have its fully cloud-based ERP solution provided as a service in Finland, Sweden and Norway

Thanks to the Dynamics 365 update Microsoft published at the end of last year, companies can now buy their ERP system as a service. St1 is one of the early adopters of this new operating model. St1’s refinery in Gothenburg, Sweden, will also use Dynamics 365 for spare part and maintenance procurement.

In Finland and Norway, St1 will upgrade the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 ERP system to the new Dynamics 365 solution, while in Sweden this is a completely new ERP implementation project.

In late 2016, Microsoft announced its intention to combine the different systems in the Dynamics product range into a single D365 solution provided as a service. Buying business-critical systems as a service is a major step and a change that very few companies have opted for so far.

“Considering the scale of this change, we want to build on a technology platform that will stand the test of time by partly evolving itself, and not become obsolete overnight. A cloud-based business application solutions offer great foundation for a growing business. Digia has been a valuable partner for us in our controlled cloud transition first to Azure and now to D365,” says Marko Korhonen, CIO of St1.

D365 facilitates maintenance procurement at the Gothenburg refinery

As St1’s long-term partner, Digia has previously helped St1 to adopt Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform for its Dynamics AX ERP system in Finland and Norway. In Sweden, the AX introduction would have been in the pipeline. When Microsoft announced the D365 update, St1 decided to take a shortcut and bring the Group’s ERP operations into a single platform.

The Gothenburg refinery served as a test facility where St1 and Digia investigated whether the new solution could facilitate the refinery’s maintenance planning and all the related procurement activities. They discovered that the D365 project management and procurement solution fit the purpose, with very few minor alterations. Digia’s integration capability contributes to smooth introduction and integration with financial management.

“St1 is a fine example of unconventional thinking and a fearless approach to change. They challenge us as their partner to continuously consider our practices and procedures from a different perspective,” Says Jarkko Lindroos, Director, Strategic Accounts at Digia.

For further information, please contact
Marko Korhonen
CIO, St1 Oy Nordic
Tel. +358 50 431 2105

Jarkko Lindroos
Director, Strategic Accounts, Digia Plc
Tel. +358 40 582 9271

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