The 112 Suomi application wins the 2016 Timanttiteko award

The Security Committee granted the 2016 Timanttiteko (Diamond Act) award to the 112 Suomi application, developed by the Emergency Response Centre Administration and Digia Plc. The award ceremony took place at the Erve Forum of critical communications for security professionals, organised by the State Security Networks Group on 16 March 2017.

When the emergency number is dialled via the 112 Suomi app, the Emergency Response Centre auto-matically receives the caller’s location information. The main benefit of the app is that it speeds up the provision of assistance in an emergency.

“Because the 112 Suomi app affects the operations of all safety actors, it is a prime example of a practical, overall safety application. I sincerely hope that this recognition inspires all parties promoting prepared-ness in society”, commented Paula Lehtomäki, Deputy Chair of the Security Committee.

Finns want to be prepared for emergencies

Launched in 2015, the app has been downloaded almost 916,000 times and has been used to make more than 37,000 emergency calls.

“We are delighted by how the application has been received in Finland. The number of emergency calls made through the app has grown steadily since its introduction; in less than two years, almost one million Finns have downloaded it. 112 Finland has also attracted international interest, for instance various Euro-pean countries are willing to follow Finland’s example in using a similar app. This level of interest proves that a phone app that speeds up the provision of assistance during emergencies makes people in Finland feel more secure. We gratefully accept this recognition and will humbly continue to raise awareness of the app”, says Marko Nieminen, ERC Service Director of the Emergency Response Centre Administration.

“We are delighted that the ERC Administration's long-term work in the development of emergency re-sponse centre services is being recognised and that we have had the privilege of contributing to such work. The award granted for the 112 Suomi app continues a wonderful run for us – the HUOVI portal of the National Emergency Supply Agency, implemented by Digia, won the 2013 Timanttiteko Award. We are proud to be able to cooperate with public actors in promoting everyday safety”, says Sami Rantanen, Head of Industry, Public at Digia.

“The 112 Suomi app is an excellent showcase of the opportunities presented by digitalisation in the safety and security sector. Agile development, the use of modern tools and “the world of Apps” is not a prerog-ative of the young who play games, or the world of entertainment and leisure only. Similar development is expected to be harnessed for safety purposes as well,” says Timo Lehtimäki, CEO at State Security Networks Group.

Promoting safety in society

The Timanttiteko award is granted annually by the Security Committee, based on a proposal agreed dur-ing a meeting of heads of preparedness within the various ministries. The award was presented for the ninth time to an exemplary activity, development and innovation enhancing public safety.

The award criteria included assessing the importance of the proposed party or activity to society as a whole, state security, and its range of uses across administrative sectors. Further criteria included the cost efficiency of the activity or its results, and their scalability, innovativeness and topicality.

For further information, please contact:

Marko Nieminen, Emergency Response Centre Administration
Director, ERC Services
Tel. 0295 480 112 (switchboard), marko.nieminen(at)

Sami Rantanen, Digia Plc
Head of Industry, Public
Tel. 040 772 2920, sami.rantanen(at)

Jari Kielenniva, General Secretary of the Security Committee Secretariat
Tel. 0295 140 702,

Security Committee Secretariat: tk(at)

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