As of May, the 112 Suomi mobile app already brings security to more than one million people

The 112 Suomi mobile app relays an emergency caller’s exact location to the Emergency Response Centre automatically and makes it quicker for help to reach them. The app was launched in June 2015, and it hit the one-million downloads mark in just under two years.

The number of downloads for the 112 Suomi app, which was developed by the Emergency Response Centre Administration in cooperation with Digia, has increased steadily since its launch. The app was downloaded more than 100,000 times during June 2015 immediately after the launch. The number of downloads reached the half-a-million mark within one year, in June 2016.

The use of the app has increased as more and more Finns have downloaded it. Almost 45,000 emergency calls have already been made using the app.

“The app contributes to people’s day-to-day security and preparedness just like buying a fire blanket or wearing a seatbelt. Mobile phones and other mobile devices are an integral part of people’s everyday life, which is why it makes sense to also incorporate day-to-day safety into mobile devices. The Emergency Response Centre Administration wants to be involved in developing the best emergency response service in the world”, explains Marko Nieminen from the Emergency Response Centre Administration.

“It is great to see how quickly the 112 Suomi app has spread. We can confidently say that Finns have truly adopted the app in the space of just two years. We at Digia are proud and pleased to be promoting the day-to-day security of Finns through digital solutions”, says Head of Industry Sami Rantanen from Digia.

Further development of the application has started.

”We already have several ideas, which we are developing in cooperation with other safety and security providers”, Nieminen explains.

The app has already helped people on several occasions during the two years since its launch. Read, for example, how the app located a victim of a deer collision, helped a lost jogger and facilitated the provision of assistance to a man stranded in the cold. These stories are good examples of how people can struggle to communicate their location if they suddenly need assistance, even in a familiar environment – in and out of the city.

ERC staff have also learned a lot about the most common misunderstandings relating to the use of the 112 Suomi app in the first two years. Check out the ERC staff’s tips for using the app correctly and avoiding the most common mistakes. Watch a video tutorial on how to download and use the 112 Suomi app.


The 112 Suomi app is free to download for Android, iPhone, Windows and Jolla phones. The Emergency Response Centre Administration recommends downloading the app. See:

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