Digia and Osaango partner up: 25 Digia employees have already received certification in business-oriented API development

The utilisation of APIs (application programming interfaces) is the key to accelerating digital development at companies and organisations. Digia is bolstering its API efforts by partnering up with Osaango Oy, an expert in the API economy. Osaango is the only company in Finland that trains and certifies experts to use the APIOps® Cycles method for business-oriented API development.

Open interfaces are a key enabler for the platform economy and the birth of new kinds of ecosystems and networks, for instance. In recent years, organisations have started to understand the possibilities of open interfaces and are stepping up their utilisation.

At the same time, there is a greater need for consistent approaches to creating, opening and managing interfaces. This need is met by the APIOps® Cycles method, which was released in February 2018 under an open licence. It was created at Digia and Osaango was one of the developers. The APIOps® Cycles method connects API development with a company’s strategy, business model and digital service design.

Cooperation between Digia and Osaango

Osaango has developed a training programme for the APIOps® Cycles method. It is the only company in Finland that trains and certifies experts to use the method. Twenty-five Digia employees have already completed the certification programme. This means that Digia has the most APIOps® Cycles-certified experts in Finland.

The certificate demonstrates proficiency not only in the method, but also in the theory and practice of business-oriented API development in general.

”Osaango’s Marjukka Niinioja is one of Finland’s leading API evangelists. Thanks to Digia and Osaango’s cooperation, Digia’s customers can tap into her extensive knowledge of API economy phenomena and the opportunities provided by API in business development. APIOps® Cycles training and certification are a key part of our cooperation, both for our customers and in the development of our own operations,” says Ville Fernelius, Director, Integration and API Management at Digia.

“API development and utilisation often require cooperation between many experts specialising in marketing, sales, information security, software development, as well as partnership and customer relationship management.  Traditionally, API training and methods focus only on technical implementation. Osaango’s API Economy Certification programme and other products, such as API Scenario Game, provide expertise for all these different roles, so that the API strategy can be truly successful,” says Marjukka Niinioja from Osaango.

The APIOps® Cycles method is also being showcased internationally, such as at the NordicAPIs Platform Summit in Stockholm, 22-24 October 2018, the largest API event in the Nordic countries. 

The APIOps® Cycles method was jointly developed by Digia and the community. APIOps® is a registered trademark of Osaango Oy and APInf Oy, who have contributed it to the APIOps community. The method is licenced under CC-BY-SA 4.0 and may be developed commercially under the terms and conditions of the licence. The method and additional information are available at and

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