Digia wins shared first place in the Critical App Challenge held by Industryhack and Airbus

The Critical App Challenge hackathon was held in Munich from 2 to 4 February. It sought new communications solutions for the authorities and other vital societal actors to help save time, money and even lives.

The competition developed new apps for Airbus’ new Tactilon Dabat, which combines the features of an Android smartphone and TETRA radio in a single device.

Digia’s winning entry uses machine learning and focuses on human recognition. The solution combines technical expertise with a business model suitable for Airbus and its ecosystem as well as Digia’s expertise in the security and integration sectors.

As many as three teams, one of which was Digia, were chosen as the winners of the hackathon. Digia’s team consisted of Marjukka Niinioja, Ville Ristimäki and Jani Iivari.

 “Finnishness and our international experience gave us a competitive edge, as did our team’s ability to focus on developing and presenting the new service concept on a tight schedule of only 48 hours. The solution is a particularly great fit for the requirements of certain geographical regions in addition to Finland,” says Marjukka Niinioja.

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