Digia’s Veikko Nokkala one of Finland’s first two DASA Ambassadors – DevOps culture gaining ground at Digia

DASA (DevOps Agile Skills Association) has appointed Veikko Nokkala from Digia and Sari Alander from KnowIT as the first two DASA Ambassadors in the Nordic countries.

Managing Director of Dasa, Deborah Burton, congratulating Veikko Nokkala

With the appointment of Veikko Nokkala and Sari Alander to the selective group, there are now a total of eight DASA Ambassadors worldwide.

DASA aims to promote DevOps culture globally through means such as training courses. DASA is also one of the few organisations worldwide to issue DevOps certifications. The association’s training courses and certifications are based on the DASA DevOps competence model it has developed.

DASA mobilises and localises its activities by appointing regional ambassadors, whose mission is to promote DevOps awareness and culture in various local forums, such as by organising DevOps events and participating in other events.

As Senior Consultant at Digia, Veikko Nokkala has a long history of active participation in DASA’s operations. Veikko was the first in Finland to complete the DevOps certification, and he has trained DevOps courses since their inception.

“I am a strong believer in the DASA DevOps competence model and the training programme developed on its basis. Thanks to them, organisations are able to deliver more efficient and high-quality IT services that genuinely provide added value to customers,” Nokkala says, professing his confidence in DevOps.

DevOps culture gaining ground at Digia – already more than 100 trained

Veikko Nokkala also plays a crucial role in the development of DevOps culture at Digia.

“At Digia, we have drilled and practised DevOps culture for years. Last year, we launched regular training sessions. As of now, more than a hundred of our personnel at Digia are trained in DevOps,” Nokkala explains.

“Digia operates in a wide range of business segments; extensive ERP projects, for instance, are quite different from the development of digital services, which in turn involves fast-paced testing, agile development and a short time-to-market. Despite this, the DevOps philosophy and culture are well suited to a diverse range of activities. The crucial element is that we strive to constantly streamline and improve our operations according to the lean principles of the DevOps culture and operational model,” Nokkala says.

“Veikko’s appointment as DASA Ambassador reinforces the message of Digia’s commitment to DevOps thinking. An increasing number of our customers are interested in DevOps practices, and some even demand it. In our system projects, we regularly employ DevOps practices while developing our own operating methods and providing DevOps training to our customers,” says Juhana Juppo, Director of Technology at Digia.

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New DevOps Ambassadors Sari Alander and Veikko Nokkala, and the Managing Director of DASA Deborah Burton

Further information:

Veikko Nokkala
Senior Consultant, Digia
Tel. +358 50 542 2242

Juhana Juppo,
Director of Technology, Digia
Tel. +358 40 172 2859

Coco Li
DevOps Agile Skills Association
P: 302 476 2732 

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