Microsoft awarded Digia as the Digitalization Partner of the Year – the winning application described Gasum’s digital transformation

On June 7, Microsoft announced the winners of its Partner of the Year competition. Digia was awarded as the Digitalization Partner of the Year. In its reasoning, Microsoft highlighted the ability to add value to customers with digitalisation solutions by combining many aspects of Microsoft Dynamics products with integrations, analytics and artificial intelligence in a visionary manner.

According to the selection criteria applied to the Digitalization Partner award, Digia has in its numerous projects helped Finnish organizations to fulfil their digitalization needs by means of Microsoft's cloud services.

“Digia has long been an important Dynamics partner for Microsoft. In its latest projects, Digia has successfully implemented digitalization services based on the Azure cloud services to add value to the Dynamics solution, and they will be supplemented in the future with AI solutions as well as integrated with the existing systems. We think that a particularly important feature is Digia’s ability to help the customer by visioning, designing and implementing a digitalization solution that combines a number of different areas,” says Jussi Tolvanen, Director responsible for Microsoft's partner business and small and medium-sized customers.

The Partner of the Year was awarded to Onrego. The Digitalization Partner of the Year was awarded to Digia,and the Software Developer Partner of the Year was awarded to Cloudriven.

Gasum: data to the cloud and unification of processes

As an example of recent digitalization implementations, Digia’s competition application cites cooperation with the energy company Gasum. With Digia’s support, Gasum has undergone a profound digital transformation, where the company's systems and ways of operating have been unified with the help of Microsoft technologies. At the same time, a platform has been created for digitalizing business and developing new digital services.

The new cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics 365 system was introduced at the beginning of this year in Gasum’s business areas in Finland, Sweden and Norway. The delivery includes solutions for ERP, financial management, customer relationship management, logistics management, and maintenance.

A key part of the solution is a cloud-based data pool. The Data Lake concept makes it possible to collect and store dispersed data in one place, where it can also be processed and analysed. The solution was implemented by Avarea, which merged with Digia in April, following an acquisition.

“To Gasum, digitalization and making the business processes digital are part of our development programme. During the past couple of years, we have taken a number of important steps to revamp our solutions and build talents in order to face the future challenges. The development work will continue, but we have already achieved the first goals,” says Gasum’s CIO Pertti Norjos.

“Gasum has expanded in the Nordic countries through acquisitions, and this has resulted in separate systems and ways of operating that have made the daily work more difficult and slowed down growth. In this transformation, we have taken Gasum to the cloud world and helped them unify their operations. At the same time, we have provided a foundation for the development of digital services. In the future, we will aim at enabling Gasum to take the next steps in their digital development and, for example, make data and artificial intelligence an integral part of their business,” says Digia’s Account Director Jarkko Lindroos.

“Our goal is to act as a visionary transformer by helping businesses make the most of the potential of digitalization. The digitalization of business usually starts with the core processes, for which Microsoft offers superior tools. In our competition application, we described Gasum’s digital transformation, in which we combined the Azure cloud, the Dynamics technology and analytics in a completely new way to form a solution that makes it easier to take business decisions – we are happy and proud of winning the Digitalization Partner category,” says Ari Rikkilä, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Digia.

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