The 112 Suomi application now includes the service number for reporting road problems

The 112 Suomi application, developed to locate emergency calls, is expanding into a joint service package for various security operators. It is now possible to use the application to call the Finnish Transport Agency’s number for reporting road problems.

The service number for reporting road problems has been added to the contacts in the 112 Suomi application. The telephone number can be found on the Other Emergency tab, which also includes the numbers for Public Service Info, Maritime Search and Rescue and Poison Information Centre. The application was developed by Digia.

The Finnish Transport Agency’s service number can be used for reporting road conditions and traffic problems. Calls are directed to an operator at Traffic Management Finland, from where the notifications will be transmitted to regional contractors.

“When you call the service number, the location of the caller is transmitted when calls are placed through the application. This is extremely useful, for example, when a road requires maintenance, but the caller doesn’t know their exact location. When the location information is supplied with the call automatically, the information on maintenance needs can be forwarded quickly to the right place,” says Jani Laiho, road traffic service specialist from the Finnish Transport Agency.

The Finnish Transport Agency's decision to join was made with the users in mind. The service number for road problems can now be used easily without downloading a separate application. This also makes the mobile use of the service easier.

“The nearly 1.5 million downloads of the 112 Suomi application show that people want to have easier access to safety services.  Because of the increasing number of positioning-related tools, the popular 112 Suomi application will be gradually developed into a larger service package, which will eventually become a channel for transmitting information. The new data is intended to provide authorities and citizens with added value, for example, for detecting risk factors, investigating crimes or identifying emergency situations, says Marko Nieminen, Director of ERC services, Emergency Response Centre Agency.

The number for reporting road problems has been added to the contact list in the application on 15 February. The update does not require any actions from users. The application must be granted permission to transmit the location so that the application's background process can locate the caller during the call. This also applies to emergency calls made through the application. The 112 Suomi application uses location information only when a call is made. 

Further information:

Finnish Transport Agency
Jani Laiho, road traffic service specialist
Tel. 029 534 3654

Emergency Response Centre Agency
Marko Nieminen, Director of ERC services
Tel. 0295 480 112 (exchange)

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