Digia.com has been renewed

The content of the website has been renewed as well as its structure and layout.

During past years, Digia has grown rapidly by actively recruiting and by acquisitions.

”Our service offering and our story have shaped up. Publishing the new Digia.com is one milestone on our journey of growth and renewal that continues,” says Anne Puntari, director, communications, marketing and customer experience.

Digia.com website has now been renewed to give insight into what kind of company Digia is today: what we believe in, what we do and how we serve our customers.

“The world is going towards networks and ecosystems that are built on digital platforms. Utilizing data and capability to offer best possible customer experience are becoming more and more important. Above all, companies must renew their business by digitalizing it,” Anne Puntari says.

Big picture about Digia’s services easier

Digital solutions are becoming an increasingly important part of companies' core business. For this reason, the focus of digital development in an increasing number of companies is shifting towards the controlled overhaul of all business operations.

Building a functional digital system involves considering all layers of digitalisation from user interface to back-end systems, integrations and utilising data.

”Our offering covers all layers of digitalization. Our services are now clarified on Digia.com under six main topics from digital services to integrations, business systems, analytics, service design and consulting as well as monitoring and service management,” says Puntari.

Get to know our service offering >>

Developing the website with all interest groups in mind

Digia.com is developed and maintained by Digia’s own Episerver team.

There are multiple renewals that improve the usability of the website. For example, the search has been improved and customer stories can be found easier. Read about our customers here >>

Digia.com serves many different interest groups and the website is continuously developed with different user groups in mind. Digia.com has ranked well in Share Promotion’s competition for the best investor pages on the web.

”Our goal is that Digia.com serves our customers as well as those interested in working at Digia, investors and analysts and for example media. We gladly receive feedback to always develop the website even better,” Anne Puntari says.