Emergency warnings available directly on your phone — Emergency Response Centre transmitting emergency warnings through the 112 Suomi mobile application

The Emergency Response Centre is complementing the official system for transmitting emergency warnings by publishing the emergency warnings through the 112 Suomi mobile application. The application has been downloaded nearly 1.6 million times.

According to Marko Nieminen, Director of ERC Services, the safety application downloadable for smartphones can also be used to reach the target groups that would not be reached through the official emergency warning broadcasts on TV and radio.

“The task of the Emergency Response Centre is to transmit to the public the emergency warnings issued by authorities through an official system based on legislation. Starting from last year, we now publish all emergency warnings through the social media channels of the Emergency Response Centre and on the website in addition to the other channels. Especially the warnings published through social media have reached the target groups well. We will now be sending the emergency warnings in a similar manner through the 112 Suomi application as a supplementary service of the official system,” says Nieminen.

With the 112 Suomi application, regional emergency warnings can be sent based on the phone location information.

- For regional warnings, the area for publishing a warning is defined as a circular area with a radius of 20 km measured from the scene, unless the authority issuing the warning decides otherwise. The emergency warning notifications will also be sent to anyone accessing the area to which the emergency warning applies.

The notification tone for emergency warnings will now be used on phones

The emergency notification function of the application may create a new phenomenon, for example, in public transport or at workplaces, as the signal tone familiar from the TV and radio is included in the application.

“The emergency warning notification will be displayed on the phone and the phone will play the emergency warning signal. Authorities can also send a notification when the dangerous situation continues or ends, and these notifications will be displayed to the recipient in the same way as the original notification,” says Sami Suomalainen, Application Specialist at the Emergency Response Centre Agency.

You can read the notifications by clicking the notification or the menu displayed in the top corner of the application. All emergency warnings, any further notifications and all-clear notifications valid at the given time are available through the menu. The language of the emergency warning is determined based on the language defined by the user in the application.

“My friend received an emergency warning notification, but I didn’t. Why?”

The operating systems of phones may restrict the receiving of emergency warnings. According to Sami Suomalainen, users may not receive the notifications, for example, if the phone is in the low power mode or location failed for some reason.

“Phone manufacturers have implemented their own restrictions that the application cannot override. For example, the number of notifications received on your phone may have been limited. If the maximum number has been exceeded for a given time period, the phone will not be able to receive any emergency warnings. Further information on the restrictions is available on the website,” he says.

The emergency warning feature of the 112 Suomi application will be tested on the national 112 Day on Monday, 11 February 2019 at 11:20.

Instructions for receiving emergency warnings through the 112 Suomi application:

  1. Download/update the application.
  2. Open/restart the application to enable the notification function.
  3. Give the application permission to track your location while the application is closed.

112 Suomi

  • 112 Suomi is a mobile application for calling the emergency number and for emergency positioning.
  • The key benefit of the application is that help can be provided more rapidly in an emergency.
  • The additional services of the 112 Suomi application include on-call numbers for non-urgent matters and the transmission of emergency warnings.
  • You can download the application for free from the application stores for Android phones and iPhones. In addition, you can download the application for free from application stores for Windows and Jolla phones, but the application for them will no longer be updated.
  • The application was created through the cooperation of the Emergency Response Centre Agency and Digia Plc.


Marko Nieminen
Director of ERC Services
tel. 0295 481 291

Sami Suomalainen
Application Specialist
tel. 0295 481 467

Sami Rantanen
Director, Head of Industry, Digia Plc
tel. +358 (0)40 772 2920


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