Less food waste and cleaner oceans with the help of API technologies? Digia API Hackatemia to deal with topical issues this February

The Digia API Hackatemia will be held for the third time in February 2019. During the training course over four evenings, participants will make use of API technologies to tackle current issues related to business or society. The call for applications to API Hackatemia is open until 23 January 2019.

Digia API Hackatemia is a free four-day course held in the evenings, in which participants team up to brainstorm and plan solutions to topical business challenges using API and artificial intelligence technologies. The name Hackatemia combines academy and hackathon, as the training includes both lectures on the technologies and working in groups as in a hackathon. The first API Hackatemia was held in spring 2017.

”Previous API Hackademies have attracted participants from a variety of backgrounds, from IT experts to business and service design professionals and students. Feedback from past participants has been very positive and encouraging. This form of learning is highly regarded as it offers a hands-on approach to exploring the technologies. On the other hand, the approach to learning is very business-oriented, from both Digia experts and other participants,” explains Liisa Onninen, Supervisor, API and Integration Business.

Focusing on the relevance of solutions

In this year’s Digia API Hackatemia, the search is again on for innovative solutions to current challenges. In previous years, many teams have also tackled social problems in innovating solutions, and such themes are again strongly represented. Teams in the API Hackademy can design solutions to, for example, reduce food waste, clean up the oceans or address social challenges such as loneliness in elderly people. To meet these challenges, previous API Hackatemia’s have designed solutions such as functional chatbots.

This year, API Hackatemia will take a detailed look at the IBM Watson, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Swagger/Open API, AWS and Postman technologies.

 “API solutions allow data to be shared between companies and organisations and play a central role in the construction of networked operational models by companies and organisations. We believe that this type of collaboration is the key to solving both future business challenges and major social issues. For this reason, there is a growing need for new API professionals,” says Ville Fernelius, Director, Integration Business at Digia.

The call for applications to API Hackatemia is now open until 23 January. API Hackatemia is seeking participants from a wide range of backgrounds.

“Today, technical capabilities in API are alone not enough. The development of APIs must be increasingly focused on end users and on the problem to be solved by the interface. As a result, it is crucial that API Hackatemia combines both business expertise and technical know-how,” stresses Suna Koljonen, Consultant, API and Integration Business.

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