The Liiga mobile application implemented by Digia has been launched

The Liiga mobile application implemented for the Finnish National Ice Hockey League was launched on 19 March. The application and back-end system were implemented by Digia.

The Liiga mobile application has been implemented using the native development tools of mobile platforms (Android, iOS). The back-end system has been implemented utilising microservice architecture, AWS cloud environments and their various services. The system has been built to withstand even high levels of traffic at various high points of the season. In addition, the solution enables the production of separate club-specific applications. The applications of two clubs in the league were also launched at the same time.

The purpose of the Liiga mobile application is to compile an official result service of all match events and statistics in real time. In addition, the line-ups of the match day are always freshly available. The application also allows you to follow the standings table and dive into the team and player statistics of the whole season. It is also possible to buy tickets for matches through the application. The application is available for download from the App Store and Google Play for iOS and Android phones.

The application has been implemented by Starcut, which was acquired by Digia in January. With the acquisition, Digia strengthened its mobile expertise especially for iOS and Android, the two principal mobile platforms.

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