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A network where everyone wins – Digia Hub is a new network for IT freelancers

Digia Hub offers freelancers access to Digia's versatile projects in a wide range of fields. Strengthening our partnership network supports Digia's growth and development opportunities for small businesses. Through Digia Hub, we flexibly offer our customers an ever-broader pool of expertise.

“We believe in the power of networks. We want to build ecosystems that result in more than the sum of their parts and in which all participants win. This is also one of the foundational concepts of Digia’s strategy. Our new network of freelancers, Digia Hub, helps us offer our customers an ever-broader pool of expertise and creates numerous benefits for small businesses,” says Senior Vice President Harri Vepsäläinen.

The ways in which work is done in the IT industry are changing quickly: small entrepreneurs are becoming increasingly prevalent alongside traditional employment relationships. Digia Hub is our answer to this change.

“In recent years, Digia has grown at a remarkable pace. To continue this growth, we must respond to changes in the industry and offer professionals different opportunities to work at Digia or, alternatively, with Digia,” says Senior Vice President, HR and Culture Pia Huhdanmäki.

In five years, the number of employees at Digia has grown by more than 500 people. In 2015, we had roughly 760 employees – that figure has grown to roughly 1,300. In addition to recruitment, the number of employees has also been increased by the acquisitions we have made in recent years.

As we grow our team, we are also developing our co-operation with our partners. A large, established group of familiar freelancers support our projects with their expertise, and we are now developing this activity to the next level.

Digia Hub means freelancers don’t have to worry as much about their next job

The goal of our new network is to help freelancers find Digia and the diverse projects we run. Transparency and effective co-operation in everyday life are, in our view, key to working together successfully. This is supported by a platform designed for the ecosystem: Digia Hub Platform – the heart of the Hub. Hub lead Hannu Hiilamo believes that Digia’s diverse, customer-driven work and strong expertise is a draw for professionals.

“People who are at the top of their fields are motivated by the impact and relevance of their work. At Digia, we combine the utilisation of smart data with the implementation of a wide range of online services and mobile applications for our customers, alongside many other services. These implementations can be seen directly in people’s mobile devices and daily life. On the other hand, we also build large, comprehensive systems that have an effect on the functioning of society as a whole and even on security of supply,” Hiilamo says.

“The flipside of running a small business can be the uncertainty of the next job, which easily becomes a bottleneck and a source of stress for freelancers. We strive to help freelancers find the next right project for them and provide them with a degree of continuity,” he adds.

The purpose of Digia Hub is also to make Digia’s relationship closer with freelancers, many of whom work on equal footing with Digia’s staff from one project to the next. The culture of shared work is also reinforced by measures like offering freelancers access to Digia’s workplace tribes.

“Sharing information and learning from others are central to professional co-operation, and these values are also brought to the fore in Digia’s cultural principles. Expanding our workplace tribes and, through that, our learning community is also in the interest of Digia employees,” Hiilamo says.

Further information:
Hannu Hiilamo
Business Development Lead, Digia Hub
tel. +358 40 574 3323

Harri Vepsäläinen
Senior Vice President, Digia Digital
tel. +358 50 571 8585

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