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Digia Enterprise ERP is renewing: Digia Envision combines Finnish origin, green values and a vision of future users’ needs

The Finnish-made Digia Enterprise ERP has now served Finnish companies for 25 years. To celebrate, we have revamped our product to help users manage their workdays better than ever. The new era for the system is also accompanied by a new name: Digia Envision ERP.

“The history of Digia’s ERP system goes back more than 25 years. That’s an enormous achievement for any information system. The secret behind Digia Enterprise’s longevity is that it’s made in Finland, close to the customers who use it, and has been developed in close cooperation with those customers,” explains Stefan Hellstrand, Director, Digia. 

As we revamp the system, together with our customers, we have boldly turned our attentions once again to the future. Our development teams have been considering what companies’ ERP needs look like now and how they are likely to evolve in the future. Our new vision is an ERP system that manages users’ work more effectively than ever and that places aspects like personalisation and data visualisation in a key role.

Guided by a blue-and-green vision: the Key Flag as proof of Finnish origin and a pilot project to calculate your carbon footprint

According to Stefan Hellstrand, two colours define our new vision: green and blue.

“At Digia, we work towards a more sustainable future, and Digia Envision will be no exception to this. Sustainability goals also influence our customers’ everyday operations, and we believe that ERP systems can be important tools in companies’ corporate responsibility reporting and development. This spring, in cooperation with our pilot customers, we will begin development of Digia Envision ERP’s reporting tools to allow users to calculate their carbon footprint,” Hellstrand announces.

“In addition to our corporate responsibility work, we are also extremely proud about the fact that Digia Envision is made in Finland and that it has been granted the Key Flag symbol in recognition of this. A system that is in Finnish, is developed in Finland close to the customers who use it and that gives customers a chance to directly influence its development is not something that can be taken for granted in the market,” Hellstrand says.

What is changing with the renewal?

The product renewal combines the fruits of recent years’ development work and this spring’s new launches. Key additions to Digia Envision ERP include:

  • A front page tailored to the user’s role: Personalised controls for the daily duties of sales, warehouse, purchases and finances
  • Advanced production management: An improved ability to view the overall production situation and more efficient planning for the production job queue, load and capacity
  • More comprehensive mobile services: Easier data entry and sharing for the whole organisation in various roles, especially fieldwork
  • Overhauled inventory management: More efficient inventory management with more than 50 new features and updates
  • Data visualisation tools: Data that supports users’ daily duties is available in an easy-to-read format
  • Improved e-commerce solutions ranging from a light order portal to more comprehensive webstore implementations

Digia’s ERP offering consists of our own system and solutions designed by our partners

Digia’s offering covers four different ERP solutions designed for different companies and needs: Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Oracle NetSuite and our own Digia Envision ERP system.

“We are extremely proud that, thanks to our broad offering, we are able to provide our corporate customers with solutions to meet virtually any need. Our partnerships are key to our operations, as is our own Digia Envision product family, which has been the foundation of our ERP business for over 25 years. I want to thank our customers from the bottom of my heart for the years of cooperation between us and, above all, for the development work we have undertaken together that now lets us celebrate a revamped system designed to answer your current and future needs,” says Jukka Kotro, Director of Business Platforms and Management Team member at Digia.

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What is the secret behind the longevity of the 25-year-old Digia Envision ERP system? Journalist Aimo Vaisto from the iMOT (Ihme, Mitä Oli Tutkittava) programme set out to answer that question. Watch Aimo’s report video!

Further information:

Stefan Hellstrand
Director, Digia Envision, Digia Plc
tel. 050 544 1323

Jukka Kotro
Senior Vice President, Business Platforms, Digia Plc
Tel. 0
40 049 7886

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