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Digia's new ‘Oispa digiä’ podcast is solving the eternal mystery of inspiring digital services

The first episode of the podcast is available for listening from 4 May 2022 on Spotify, Apple Podcast, YouTube and SoundCloud. Listeners can expect inspiration and concrete tips for developing the digital experience – one that will leave users wanting more.

The usual story of a new digital service? We develop it enthusiastically, launch it with excitement, and after a few months, wonder why no one seems to have adopted it as part of their daily routine. Soon we forget about the whole thing and continue as before.

That’s not how it should go! After all, everyone wants to develop digital solutions that work in everyday life and serve users. Ones that you can’t – or don’t want to – be without after a while. Why does this prove insurmountable to achieve time and time again?

Pioneers on the cusp of the age-old paradox of digitalisation

Digia’s new podcast tackles the age-old mystery of digital services that inspire users. At its best, digitalisation adds efficiency and productivity to an organisation’s operations and helps build customer loyalty and additional sales. These benefits are lost if the digital services are not used. In order for the investment in digitalisation to pay itself back, we must first answer the million dollar question. How to build it – a digital experience that users don’t want to be without?

“The expectations of end users for digital services are understandably very high. It is no longer acceptable for a customer to have to think about the transitions or options of different service channels in their daily life. Everything revolves around a seamless user experience that connects the physical and digital worlds. The podcast provides interesting experiences and tips around this topic”, says Jaakko Saari from Digia, the podcast’s host and digital services expert.

Discussing this topic with us will be guests from for example the following organisations:

  • HKScan
  • Eckerö Line
  • Liiga
  • Finnish Tax Administration

These organisations from very different industries are developing their own services as pioneers, with an open-minded and user-oriented approach. Everyone has been working on this for years, and now they are sharing their insights as well as lessons learned along the way.

During the discussions, the guests reveal, among other things, what has been their best blunder in customer-oriented development work over the years. How about where have customers been able to take them by surprise? Who do they look up to: Which organisation is developing its customer experience enviably well in its own industry?

“It is great that we have been able to bring in leading operators with whom we have taken advantage of the potential of digitalisation and built services for a long time. Open sharing of experiences is a major opportunity: sometimes a new idea or application can be found in another industry or business area. In the podcast, we aim to explain how an overall experience that combines different perspectives is created in practice, and how it is key to future digitalisation projects. Going beyond the surface, working together”, says Senior Vice President Sami Paihonen from Digia.

There will be no deep dive into technology, but questions will rather be addressed from the perspective of service design, customer experience development, and business management.

The podcast is aimed at anyone who is considering taking advantage of digitalisation in their own organisation as part of employees’ everyday life and the development of customer experience – and does not want to give up until users are left wanting more.

The ‘Oispa digiä’ podcast is available for listening on the following platforms:

  • Spotify
  • SoundCloud
  • Apple Podcast
  • YouTube

Check out the podcast episodes, guests, and hosts (only in Finnish) >> 

More information: 
Sami Paihonen
Senior Vice President, Intelligent Solutions
Digia Oyj
+358 (0)50 502 1111


Digia is a software and service company that helps its customers renew themselves in the networked world. There are more than 1,300 of us working at Digia. Our roots are in Finland and we operate both in Finland and abroad. We are building a world in which digitalisation makes a difference – together with our customers and partners. Digia’s net sales totalled EUR 156 million in 2021. The company is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki (DIGIA). 

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