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New long-term share-based incentive scheme for Digia’s management

Digia Plc Stock exchange release 7 February 2020, 08:01 am

Digia Plc's Board of Directors has decided to establish a new long-term share-based incentive scheme. The Board will confirm the target group of the long-term incentive scheme at a later date. In principle, the target group consists of the CEO and the company’s senior executives. The scheme is designed to align the goals of the company's shareholders and management in order to increase the company’s value, and to commit executive management to the company and its long-term objectives.

The new long-term incentive scheme will run for 2020–2022. It offers participants the chance to earn company shares if the targets set by the Board of Directors for the three-year bonus period are met.

The targets are based on the company's turnover and total shareholder return (TSR). The earnings period for the turnover and TSR indicators is three years (2020–2022), and the targets for both indicators have been set for the final date of the earnings period.  During the bonus period, the company’s CEO and other scheme participants are entitled to a bonus equivalent to a maximum of 525,000 new Digia Plc shares. If the terms are met, the bonuses for both indicators based on the new scheme will be paid at the end of the reward period in the spring of 2023. All bonuses under this scheme will be paid as a 50/50 combination of shares and cash. The cash portion of the bonus will primarily be used to cover taxes and other comparable costs arising from the scheme.

As a rule, the bonus is not paid if a member resigns or the member’s employment or post is terminated prior to the date of payment of bonuses in accordance with the incentive scheme. Under certain conditions, the Board has the option to decide on possible bonuses for the current earnings period in accordance with the pro-rata principle.

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Digia is a software and service company that helps its customers renew themselves in the networked world. There are more than 1,200 of us working at Digia. Our roots are in Finland and we operate with our customers in Finland and abroad. We are building a world in which digitalisation makes a difference – together with our customers and partners. Digia net sales were EUR 131.8 million in 2019. The company is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki (DIGIA).

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