Almost 130,000 downloads of the 112 Suomi application

The new version includes a positioning accuracy display

Just before Midsummer, Digia released the 112 Suomi mobile application, developed together with the Emergency Response Centre Administration. The application improves the accuracy of emergency geolocation and speeds up the delivery of aid in emergency situations. By Sunday, the application had been downloaded from various application stores 127,275 times. The application has been used for emergency calls more than 500 times.

Updated version includes improved usability and new features

This week, a first update will be available for the application, including new features. The usability of the application has also been improved, based on user feedback.

The most significant new feature is the positioning accuracy display. The positioning functionality of the application is based on a GPS signal, and its strength varies considerably, depending on the environment and the phone's technical features.

The 112 Suomi mobile application is a tool that supports and speeds up the specification of a caller's location, but in the case of a poor data network connection, for example, it is not always possible to send location information to an Emergency Response Centre. The application is helpful in this kind of a situation, since the person making an emergency call can tell the coordination information displayed by the application to the Emergency Response Centre worker,” says Emergency Centre Services Manager Marko Nieminen.

Along with the update, the caller can check the precision of the location on the application display and tell the location to the Emergency Response Centre worker. The precision information is normally transmitted automatically as part of the location information to the Emergency Response Centre worker.


The application also serves tourists – and uses less battery power

The application will be available for downloading anywhere, whereas up until now, it has only been available for downloading in Finnish application stores.

We hope that along with the change, visitors in Finland will use the application, as it may be especially difficult for them to pinpoint their location in an unfamiliar environment,” says Sami Rantanen, Sector Manager of Public Management at Digia.

Based on user feedback, the new version includes a feature that will reduce battery usage: if there is no ongoing emergency call, the new version of the application turns the GPS operation off when it is open in the background.

We have received a lot of questions, feedback and development ideas about the application, which is great. Answers to the most frequently asked questions have been collected on the website at,” Mr Rantanen points out.




The application that has been implemented using Digia's Qt technology can be downloaded free-of-charge for Android phones, iPhones, and Windows and Jolla phones. The Emergency Response Centre Administration recommends downloading the application. See:


More information:

Sami Rantanen
Sector Manager of Public Management, Digia Oyj
Tel. +358 40 772 2920

Marko Nieminen
Emergency Response Centre Services Manager, Emergency Response Centre Administration
Tel.  +358 295 480 112 (switch), GSM +358 40 836 6112



Facts: What new features will the update bring to the 112 Suomi application?

  • The application can now be downloaded to Windows, Android and iOS phones as well as Jolla phones.
  • The usability of the application has been improved based on user feedback
  • The user can check the precision of positioning directly on the application screen.
  • When the application remains open on the background, it turns the GPS operation off, which reduces battery usage.
  • The application is available for download anywhere in the world and will thus serve tourists as well.



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