The APIOps® Cycles method developed at Digia for utilising APIs was presented on the opening night of the API Hackatemia

The APIOps® Cycles method, which has been released under a Creative Commons licence, attracted international attention last week at the APIDays event in Paris.

APIOps® Cycles is the first method released for creating and utilising open interfaces (APIs). It was developed at Digia and released under an open licence for use by the API business and developer community.

A shared method has become increasingly necessary in recent years, as more and more companies and organisations are accelerating their development by opening their interfaces. Open interfaces are a key enabler for the platform economy and the birth of new kinds of ecosystems and networks, for instance.

Technology and business thinking paired up

The APIOps® Cycles method was released by Digia. Its special characteristic is that it connects API development with a company’s strategy, business model and digital service design. The method uses businesses canvases and other templates and methods to facilitate interaction between businesspeople and IT personnel in API development.

In addition, the method provides concrete guidance and checklists for the technical development of APIs. These are particularly useful when an organisation has just begun to build up its API capabilities or is providing orientation to new people.

The APIOps® Cycles method was first released last autumn at an API seminar organised by Digia and Haaga-Helia. The method has since been developed with the developer community in accordance with lean principles. Last week, Digia’s Marjukka Niinioja presented the method to the international audience at the APIDays Global event in Paris. The method has generated plenty of buzz, especially in social media.

Getting acquainted with the method at the API Hackatemia

The APIOps® Cycles method was presented to participants at Digia’s API Hackatemia on its opening night, 6 February. API Hackatemia is a four-evening programme where technical expertise meets business development harnessing interfaces. Participants work in teams to get to grips with API utilisation and creation.

This year, the API Hackatemia will be held a second time. The programme was prepared in closer cooperation with higher education institutions in the IT sector.

“Teachers at different higher education institutions agonise over how artificial intelligence, API and the platform economy are emphasised in business development, the needs of working life and even in the spearhead projects of the Finnish government. However, the skills of graduates from higher education institutions currently fall short in these subjects. Technology develops fast, and educational programmes are inevitably a step behind,” says Teemu O. Virtanen, Senior Vice President at Digia.

“Teachers have provided us with good feedback on the practical nature of the API Hackatemia and especially on its focus on business: it’s not enough to just code, you have to know how to present your work through its benefits and value to the customer,” says Turo Hyppönen, API expert at Digia.

API Hackatemia participants also familiarise themselves with the APIOps® Cycles method and contribute to its further development.

The APIOps® Cycles method was jointly developed by Digia and the community. APIOps® is a registered trademark of Osaango Oy and APInf Oy, who have contributed it to the APIOps community. The method is licenced under CC-BY-SA 4.0 and may be developed commercially under the terms and conditions of the licence. The method and additional information are available at and

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