One way to learn and share knowledge at Digia is our Tribe community. A Tribe is a group of people who share interest in the same subject. Tribal culture dates back to the book Tribal leadership, which describes organizational culture through tribes. The book claims that tribes are the strongest force of organizations that together can shape the entire corporate culture.

In practice, the tribes are groups founded by the Digians which meet at intervals of their choice around a specific theme. All Tribes are open to all Digians, regardless the cost center or organization box. Tribe leaders take care of facilitating and developing meetings and discussions in their own group. The Tribe community at Digia has been ongoing since 2017.

There is a common framework for the Tribes, but each one can create its own policies and cultures. Each Tribe communicates internally about its activities by writing on Digia's blog and also maintains a list of members. The primary task of the Tribe is to develop the competence of its members, and it also makes its recommendation on the technology agendas of its area at the company level. Technologies are presented in our Tech Radar

There are no other demands. The tribe can define its own meeting cycles, meeting places and agendas. Hours that we use with the Tribe community are working hours, this is one of our ways of supporting learning and development. We are proud of how many topics have formed around the it! Below you can see a list of our currently active Tribes.

Digia's active tribes: 


Agile development methods, frameworks, processes, roles, metrics and ceremonies


AI and machine learning methods, analytics processes and production, technologies and tools, exploitation targets and customer cases


Networking, information sharing, peer support, presentation of concrete things done in projects, presentation of working methods and tools


One-stop-shop for Digia's Cloud Computing information, virtual conversations related to all-matters-cloud


Documentation for customers, such as product descriptions, user manuals, "release notes" type change documentation


Current cyber security topics


Building of Digia-wide DevOps culture and identity, sharing knowledge, clean coding, TDD


Enhancing our work environment and culture to be more open, approbative and friendly to every one of us



Facilitation methods, tools, information sharing


Open source, APIs and architecture, Dell Boomi, IBM, Digia iSuite, Oracle, Microsoft


Helping developers with JavaScript and Node related matters


Anyone who is enthusiastic about programming. Everything related to programming, programming languages, tools, algorithms


Project management, methods, tools, Digia's operating models


Solutions, standards, frameworks, legislation, authorities, national and regional development in the health and social services sector


An environment open to all those interested in superior work, sharing experiences, expertise, peer support and discussing issues