We care for the environment 


We encourage environmentally friendly solutions both in our business and in our working environment.

We are aware and concerned of the welfare of the environment around us. We recognize the impact of our industry on the environment as well as the means to influence on the welfare of the environment. We shall take environmental issues into account in managing our operations, as part of decision-making process and developing and monitoring our processes.
We value our customers' environmental objectives and we cooperate with suppliers and customers to provide the services that help to reduce environmental impacts. We act in accordance with the laws of each country we operate in. We consider the welfare of the environment in terms of the physical environment in which we operate our use of the products and the knowledge and awareness of our employees.


Physical operating environment

We take into account energy and water saving opportunities in our offices as well as when renovating or planning new offices.

Procurement process, recycling and disposal

When faced with an option to choose between environmentally friendly and less friendly products, we shall prefer environmentally friendly products. We identify means to reduce the amount of office supplies and consumer goods and when applicable increase their reuse. We shall seek to recycle all recyclable materials in our offices, such as paper, cardboard, metals and organic waste. We shall seek environmentally acceptable disposal when recycling is not an option.

Employee awareness


We offer our employees the opportunity to manage their own environmental footprint. We use electronic means of communication such as e-mail, and video and telephone conference tools whenever it is appropriate to avoid unnecessary travel. When travelling we encourage to choose environmentally friendly options. We shall validate applicability of every initiative to reduce our impact on the welfare of the environment around us.

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