Ethical policy


We act in accordance of the laws in each of our operational countries. We shall not condone or participate in illegal activities of any kind. We shall not falsify information.


Compliance with laws
We act in accordance with laws. We do not condone or participate in illegal activities of any kind.

Third party rights
We honor the proprietary rights of others as expressed in patents, copyrights, trademarks and industrial designs.

No corruption or bribery
We do not tolerate corruption or bribery of any kind.

Information security
We protect the safety and security of all information, materials, and equipment in our possession, whether our own, our customers’ or our partners’.

Data privacy
We will protect the personal data of our employees, customers or partners. We comply with privacy laws and regulations when personal data is collected, stored, processed, transmitted or shared.

Working conditions
We respect internationally proclaimed human- and labor rights. We care for the wellbeing of our employees. We uphold a safe and healthy working environment for all employees.

Care for the environment
We care for the environment. We encourage environmentally friendly solutions both in our business and in our working environment.

Each employee, regardless of their position in the organization, is expected to follow these guidelines and report any suspected violation. We also expect our subcontractors to follow these guidelines.

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