History and acquisitions

Digia has grown both orginally and inorganically in recent years.

The history of Digia has its roots in a company called SysOpen Plc which was founded in 1990, and in Digia Ltd, founded in 1997. These merged in 2005 to form SysOpen Digia plc. In the early years of the company, SysOpen Digia acquired Yomi Software Ltd (2005), Samstock Ltd (2006) and Sentera Plc (2006).

SysOpen Digia changed its name to Digia in 2008. Major changes took place in 2011 and 2012, when our then-great partner, Nokia, renewed its business strategy. In 2012, Digia acquired Nokia’s Qt business.

The company has operated in its current incarnation since the spring of 2016. Digia was demerged on 1 May 2016 so that all assets, liabilities and responsibilities related to its Qt business were transferred to a new company established in the demerger called Qt Group Plc. In the same connection, Digia revised its strategy and the company has renewed itself in many ways after the Qt demerger. Our net sales have grown steadily since 2016, and we continue to grow.