We help our customers renew themselves in the networked world

Technology continually offers businesses and organisations new opportunities to do things more efficiently, more smoothly – or in completely new ways. That is why digitalisation has, in recent years, become a key tool for businesses for building up their own competitiveness and interests. Digitalisation of processes and services has advanced to a point where it is not sensible to view IT as a separate entity, rather as part of the core business.

Digia’s  growth strategy for 2016–2019 aims to strengthen the company’s position, particularly in the growing markets for digital services, process digitisation and the service business.

The company wants to grow at a faster pace than the IT market and seeks average annual growth of 15 per cent. Growth is sought both organically and inorganically.

Digia seeks growth from areas that are seeing stronger growth than the traditional IT market, such as digital services and process development. We are expanding our international presence together with our customers. In addition to organic growth, Digia is proactively looking for acquisition that would support its strategy.


Key themes of Digia’s strategy for 2016–2019

Digitalisation of services and processes 

Digia combines customer knowledge and technological expertise to benefit its customers and develop business operations. We understand our customers’ business and operating environment, and present visionary new ideas. We help our customers to create new operating methods and services. 

Service business 

Digia forges long-term customer relationships and develops them innovatively with its customers. We commercialise purchased services, harmonise our offering, and create Digia-wide service models. Close and confidential cooperation enables our customer relationships to grow and evolve.

Industry-specific portfolio 

Digia commercialises industry-specific solutions from its own and third-party products. We create complete and tangible solutions that quickly generate value and are adapted to the needs of the industry in question. 


We continuously deepen our expertise in our customers’ business operations. Digia fosters continuous and proactive dialogue with customers concerning different aspects of their business, with both IT and business management. We work with our customers with a view to innovation and development, seeking to ensure that our customers succeed in their own IT solutions.

Digia employees 

Digia has made personnel a key part of its strategy, as the best results are achieved by motivated professionals and effective teams. We support personal and team development. This is the basis for success, and bolsters an open and bold corporate culture that shoulders its responsibilities.