Banking and investment services

Customer experience is king in the riptide of changing operating environments

Digitalisation brings great opportunities and challenges to the field of banking and investments. Successful customer experience is central; in order to achieve it, services must be able to meet the constantly changing requirements.

A great challenge for banking and investment services is how to achieve an even better customer experience when, at the same time, the whole industry is affected by new efficiency requirements, the need to adapt to regulation that is changing constantly, and competition brought along by new, agile players.

The increase of regulation is a change driver that requires a chameleon-like ability to continuously adjust operation. It will challenge operators to renew their business models and processes. At the same time, efficiency requirements continue to increase, and new, innovative operators are breaking traditional industry boundaries and cost structures.

Service and communication methods are changing and become multi-channel. Mobility is taking over, and services are being automated. Customers must be served at least as well as before although there is less physical contact. It is essential to know how to use information in the systems in order to create a better customer experience, as the customer experience will determine the recommendability of services.

Digitalisation is a great opportunity for the banking and investment industry that will, at best, increase competitive advantage, reduce costs, improve risk management, and expand the market.


We help our banking and investment customers in the following areas

Developing services

Sometimes consumers may have time to look into investment tips; at other times, it is important to get things done quickly. Services may be provided as experiences or efficiently – the customer will make the choice. When the customer holds the power, how can we increase customer loyalty and ensure a personalised experience in a multi-channel operating environment? We help our customers create interesting added value services for their own customers that are suitable for everyday lives.

Enterprise resource planning

Reliable background systems that ensure continuity are necessary so that the processes of an organisation are directed seamlessly and everyday operation runs smoothly. We offer the most extensive product portfolio in the domestic financial market that has been refined with almost 30 years of experience in the industry.

Utilizing information

When information is used in real-time, it creates a foundation for agile operation in a developing market. Using information that accumulates in the systems also enables the development of new services and operating models.


Digia as a partner to banking and investment operators

We have almost 30 years of experience in domestic and European operating environment, and our know-how serves various operators in the financial sector in a variety of ways. In order to stand out in the market and deepen a customer relationship, it is necessary to understand the customer’s service process and systems that can adapt in an agile way to new requirements regardless of time, place and device. We offer consulting services and concrete productised solution models that are based on our Digia Financial Systems (DiFS) product range. We can also take care of the maintenance of our customers’ background processes and systems. 

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