Case Rajala Pro Shop

A modern online shop helps you stay at the forefront of development


Rajala wanted to update its existing online shop solution to meet the needs of today. The project’s keywords included multi-channel business and customer experience, significant growth in mobile traffic, personalised customer management, product packaging and additional sales, and the potential of international commerce.

Digia was chosen as the online shop supplier thanks to its expertise and familiarity with Rajala’s core business. By choosing Digia and Magento, Rajala made sure that it could stay at the forefront of development in e-commerce and would be able to scale the solution in the future. The new solution is extremely functional precisely for flexible operating models in Rajala’s size class.


  • Multi-channel and flexible pricing can be managed directly through the e-commerce solution.
  • Pricing at the shop in Helsinki’s Postitalo also takes place automatically through the e-commerce solution.
  • The e-commerce solution is integrated with Rajala’s ERP system.

Services and solutions:

  • e-commerce
  • Magento Enterprise Edition
  • personalized customer experience
  • RichRelevance
We now have a partner with whom we are finally able to realise our vision. The hopes we have nurtured for years with regard to the online shop’s functionalities and development.

Juhani Toppari, Marketing Director, Rajala PRO Shop

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