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Efficiency for the production chain


In 2011, Snellman realised that its systems for the management of primary production were in need of development. Digia presented the innovative QlikView BI solution to Snellman. Snellman was convinced that this solution would be a good fit for its needs and ordered it from Digia. QlikView effectively rounds out Snellman's primary production control.


  • Real-time view of primary production on a farm- and even animal-specific basis.
  • Less manual work.
  • Managers have immediate access to business intelligence.
  • The information in the system can be examined from numerous perspectives.
  • Easier reporting.

Services and solutions:

A major strength of the system is that it indicates deviations immediately, so that we can take the necessary steps without delay. This helps maintain the continuity of production.

John Aspnäs, IT Manager, Snellman


Greater efficiency in the production chain

Snellman and Digia partnered up in 2011, when Snellman had a need to develop its systems for the management of primary production. The innovative QlikView BI solution now rounds out Snellman's primary production control.

The Pietarsaari-based meat processing company Oy Snellman Ab, which has been in business for more than 60 years, has always valued its good relationships with its primary producers. The company prioritises the development of cooperation between meat producers and the processor. Snellman wants to get the right kind of meat for processing. To this end, it takes care of the operations of its primary producers and maintains good relationships with its partners.

As Snellman's business has grown, it has constantly sought to find more farms to produce high-quality meat for its processing business. The management of a large circle of primary producers has been challenging at times.

Primary production involves many moving parts

In primary production, animals are often transferred from one producer to another. Meat-animal producers usually specialise in raising animals of a certain age. A single animal might live on numerous farms during its lifetime. However, in meat processing, it is important to have detailed information on each animal – not least to comply with official requirements.

For Snellman, it is also important to take care of its producers' business operations, so that the company can ensure the availability of high-quality raw materials.

Assistance from Digia's innovative expertise

Digia has been Snellman's information system partner for more than 10 years. When Digia presented the QlikView software to Snellman in summer 2011, the people at Snellman were convinced that it would work for them. They decided to acquire it.

“We're satisfied with the solution Digia provided,” says Tomas Gäddnäs, Director of Primary Production at Snellman.

“We can now easily see both animal data and our business indicators on the same screen. QlikView is intuitive and boasts shorter response times than more traditional systems. The system provides me with the information I need in the blink of an eye. When I need to, I can drill down very deep into detailed data.”

QlikView has also facilitated reporting. Snellman continuously monitors the movements of the live animals from one producer to another as well as the availability of animals that are ready for slaughter. The system also provides information on animal prices, quality grades and where they have lived during their entire life. The data can be examined at the regional, municipal or even farm level. Digia organised administrator training so that Snellman's employees can also customise how the system displays business intelligence.

The system has a modern and user-friendly interface. It's easy to customise the reports.

Easy to acquire and maintain

“QlikView is easy to maintain – it's just another server among others,” says John Aspnäs, IT Manager at Snellman.

“The system has a modern and user-friendly interface. It's easy to customise the reports – we can do so on our own, if need be. A major strength of the system is that it indicates deviations immediately, so that we can take the necessary steps without delay. This helps maintain the continuity of production.”

One of the keys to the success of the system project was that Snellman played an active part in it and the roles were clear right from the start.

“Snellman brought its business perspective to the table, and Digia its robust expertise in information systems and BI,” says Timo Pokkinen, Senior Team Manager at Digia, who headed up the project.

“In addition, we wanted to cater to the end users' wishes regarding reporting and usability. We held workshops where we combined these perspectives to come up with clear descriptions of how the system works. It was then relatively easy and fast to deliver the system.”

Snellman currently uses the QlikView solution only in primary production, but discussions about expanding the system have already been held.

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