Case Sulzer Pumps

E-commerce platform brings relief to organisation’s internal workload


Sulzer Pumps needed to create a global marketplace for the company’s own organisation in order to facilitate the delivery of its products, such as brochures, corporate gifts and printed materials, to the field for sale. The company had prior experience of online commerce and was familiar with the Magento platform. A solution suiting the company’s needs required a great deal of customisation, however. The expertise was found at Digia, who took care of the technical aspect, freeing Sulzer Pumps to focus on content production.


  • A solution designed with the customer’s needs as a starting point is capable of fully meeting those needs.
  • The solution improves processes related to inventory management, reporting, order management and invoicing.
  • The need for manual work and maintenance has been dramatically decreased.
  • The work of the marketing organisation has been made easier on many levels.

Services and solutions:

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