Case Dovre Club

A new kind on recruitment service for top professionals

Competition for top professionals is increasingly intense in a global operating environment. Dovre Club rose to the challenge by offering the best experts in the oil and gas industries an exclusive recruitment service that helps employers find the best employees for each project – and the experts to find the most interesting projects in their field. Digia was in charge of the implementation and further development of the service.

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A new kind of recruitment service for top professionals

Dovre Group wanted a new kind of digital solution that would give the company a genuine competitive advantage. The result was Dovre Club, a new type of recruitment service implemented by Digia.

Dovre Group is a project management service provider specialising in the recruitment of project engineers. Dovre’s segment comprises approximately 150 000 top professionals fiercely competed for by the market. Contact details, accurate profiles and working personal communications channels are hard currency. Dovre's value proposition is to deliver the best experts to their customers on tight schedules.

Finding professionals with the right experience and expertise for the most demanding commissions is difficult at short notice, and the globalised operating environment adds its own challenges to the mix. Furthermore, the resources of the applicants are limited. The traditional method relies on listing job opportunities and writing applications.

Dovre envisioned a novel digital solution that would bring genuine competitive advantages to companies in a highly competitive field.

Challenges overcome through agile development

Comprehensive and up-to-date information on professionals is worth more than gold. The objective of the project was to create a service that would afford Dovre with a competitive advantage by attracting the best experts to use the service and keeping regular contact with them.

Another objective was to significantly reduce the strain on Dovre’s resources in areas such as hour reporting, payroll calculation and document management through digitalisation. Digia started building the desired service on the basis of a concept designed by usability and user interface firm Idean. Five developers from Digia participated in the project with precisely specified roles.

The Dovre Club was required to be fully responsive, of course. As with the Dovre Group website implementation, this project also involved the challenge that the application’s back end was fully based on the Carerix recruitment system, which entailed a challenging integration between two applications. The Edenred bonus system was another separate application that had to be integrated with the community service.

The project’s budget and rather tight schedule were clear and well-defined. The project followed the principles of agile development: When you create something new, you cannot know exactly what will happen and how much time will be needed for the implementation in advance. The baseline is flexibility, i.e. not casting the plan in iron at the start but updating it as you go along. Agile development also includes the goal that, in principle, you should have a version ready for release at any time – you are not even trying to achieve a 100 percent complete version.

As a whole, the project went well: Dovre Club launched on time, it is in line with the concept and works well. Being nominated for the best B2B service category of the Grand One competition in 2014 is a testament to the success of the service.

Since release, the service has been developed further on the basis of feedback given by its users. The further development has also followed the agile development model: a new version is released for production approximately every two weeks.

The objective of the project was to create a service that would afford Dovre with a competitive advantage.