Case Elisa

Smooth customer service, wherever you are

Elisa OrangeContact is designed for the customer service organisations of companies. This platform empowers customers to choose which channel to use to interact with the company. Work is becoming increasingly mobile. In order to facilitate mobility, Digia implemented a solution that makes it possible to use the system wherever you are, without the need to use a fixed device.

mita-teimme.pngWhat we did

Together with Digia, we specified the needs and weighed the implementation alternatives and their benefits. The end result was a good and reliable implementation which can be offered to our customers.

Ville Ruutu, Service Manager, Elisa


Smooth customer service, wherever you are

With Digia's mobile solution, customer service staff can use Elisa's OrangeContact system, wherever they are, independent of device type.

Elisa OrangeContact is a platform for the customer service organisations of companies. It lets the customer choose which channel to use when dealing with the company. As work is becoming increasingly mobile, Elisa considered it important to enable customer service staff to also use the OrangeContact system on the go. However, the great diversity of devices posed challenges for implementation and maintenance.

Platform-independent solution

To meet this need, a mobile solution was developed to fulfil today's user requirements. It works on the most common modern mobile platforms.

The design of the mobile solution took into account the functionality of the solution, which had previously worked on a single platform, as well as various user needs coming from customers and the comprehensive device selection offered by Elisa. With such a wide range, the diversity of smartphone platforms became a challenge.

Platform and browser limitations were circumvented by creating a modern web-based solution which gives the same functionality for all users. Usability analysis was employed to simplify the user interface and the visual image was polished to match Elisa’s current look. The mobile solution provides a browser-based backend view to Elisa's existing OrangeContact system.

The same functionality is identical on different smartphones

The end result: a good and reliable delivery

The original idea behind the project was to carry out a platform-specific client implementation on four different smartphone platforms.

“Together with Digia, we specified the needs and weighed the implementation alternatives and their benefits. On the basis of maintenance and implementation costs, we decided to choose a modern web solution tailored for smartphones, which Digia recommended. We also had a need to get started agilely, and Digia catered to our wishes,” says Ville Ruutu, Service Manager at Elisa.

The project also optimised the user interface and prioritised functionality to maximise ease of use. It progressed during the implementation of Elisa's contact interface and was adapted to the changes required.

“The end result was a good and reliable implementation. We can offer it to our customers as part of the OrangeContact system,” says Ruutu.

Even in the offer phase, solutions were sought agilely by assessing Elisa's objectives.

“The original plan for platform-specific client implementations would've been too heavy and labour-intensive. Maintaining the different platforms would also have required a lot of work,” says Antti Nyqvist, Director, Project Portfolio at Digia.

“The idea behind it was to provide identical functionalities on different smartphones and ensure that it would work the same way on a range of browsers,” says Nyqvist.

Finally, comprehensive testing was carried out. The outcome was a single implementation that works equally well and reliably on the four most common smartphone platforms and popular browsers.