Smart energy of the future

The winds of change are sweeping the energy sector, with digitalisation being one of the major changes in addition to climate change and urbanisation.

Digitalisation offers new possibilities for improving the efficiency of firmly regulated competitiveness and operation in the network sector as well as customer experience. Understanding consumer behaviour and analysing and using the versatile information that is obtained on the behaviour are essential so that the customer’s energy needs can be met in an agile manner at the right time.

Energy production methods are also changing and becoming more versatile. Increasing the production of renewable energy causes changes in managing the value chain of energy production and logistics and ensuring production efficiency. The increase in popularity of energy production that is based on renewable energy sources requires significant changes and investments not only on developing the network and increasing the intelligence of the network but also on renewing the information systems that operate in the background.


We help our customers in the following areas:

Developing services

A broad range of versatile services in different channels facilitate doing business and improve a personalised customer experience. Changes in the energy market require agile development of new and energy-efficient service models.

Enterprise resource planning

Information logistics also connects products and services provided by third parties for customers as an integral part of a service, if necessary. Information systems in the energy industry direct and optimise the customer’s orders and purchases and enable efficient services.

Using Information

Combining automated processes and customer information with the help of integrations enables efficient use of predictive analytics. A real-time view throughout the entire value chain enables cost-efficient operation and the improvement of customer experience.


Why Digia?

Digia’s experience in demanding projects and their ability to combine even complex services into functional entities are an excellent basis for a partnership in the energy industry.

When we decided to go through with a systems reform, we were looking for partners that could be as fast and agile as we are. Partners that could help us stay fast and agile in future as well Digia convinced us of their ability to carry out extensive reforms and to keep control of a project covering several countries.
Marko Korhonen, CIO, St1

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