Case EpicTV

A video service for fans of extreme sports

EpicTV, owned by Elisa, is an online media site that focuses on outdoor and adventure sports and was built with Drupal 7. High-quality content is available all over the globe, completely free, including via the service’s own iPad and smart TV apps. Top-level extreme sportspeople have teamed up with independent filmmakers to produce series available exclusively on EpicTV.

Digia helped Elisa to overhaul the EpicTV site. The updated EpicTV site was unveiled in 2014. Since the update was completed, Digia has continued to work with EpicTV.

Digia has been involved in realising aspects such as the visual appearance of EpicTV’s main website and online store. Digia has also implemented several integrations between EpicTV Shop and, as well as social media extensions and feeds.

mita-teimme.pngWhat we did

milla-teimme.pngWhat we used

  • Drupal