Case Finnish Meteorological Institute

Activity-based accounting helps to enhance operations and improve cost-efficiency

The Finnish Meteorological Institute operates under the Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications, providing weather services and operating as a research institution. The Finnish Meteorological Institute is a pioneer in cost awareness in the public sector. The institute has used activity-based accounting since 1995, and it now covers the entire organisation. The information that is generated is reported in a range of ways for internal use as well as for the ministry, financiers and other stakeholders.

Activity-based accounting is used for purposes such as pricing, making it possible to demonstrate that services and deliverables are provided cost-efficiently and in compliance with competition legislation. Furthermore, the system generates a wide range of data for internal management and operational development.

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When all of the core functions are measurable, it becomes easier to understand the costs of different processes, and this enables better operational efficiency.

Janna Karasjärvi, Head of Finance, Finnish Meteorological Institute