Better solutions for every part of the food value chain

Digitalisation provides traction for developing the food industry

There are other factors besides the price that affect the contents of a consumer’s grocery shopping basket. Important decision-making criteria when choosing the products to purchase include the origin and domesticity of the food, sustainable development, social responsibility and food trends.

The products travel far before ending up in the shopping basket, which is why the field must keep the whole food value chain in mind when thinking about the solutions and services. Whether the issue concerns primary production services, the needs of the industry, logistics arrangements, or communication with retail, the continuously increasing competition requires that all sectors must be in order.

Digitalisation offers new kinds of opportunities for solving problems in the food industry. Among other things, it clarifies the traceability of deliveries and products, and makes the development of new service and business models more agile and information-based management easier.

We help the food industry to realise the business benefits made possible by digitalisation. We offer both strong business competence in the field and an understanding of modern and developing technology opportunities.


We help the actors in food industry in the following areas:

Developing services

Taking customer feedback into account and developing a better customer experience based on it is an integral part of strengthening the brand experience. We help you to create a multichannel service experience for your customers that meets their needs and improves customer satisfaction.

Steering operations

Do the deliveries move like they should? Is there always enough workforce present? Among other things, our solutions help your company to optimise shifts as needed and improve your factory and warehouse control.

Utilizing information

What are the future trends in food industry and what is the best way to react to them? Our analytics solutions put the information that benefits your company to work, which makes things such as anticipating demand easier.


Why Digia?

Digia has more than 10 years of experience in implementing and supporting the information systems in the food value chain. We are also at the forefront of modern technology in implementing digital solutions. These factors make us a valuable partner in the process and information system development projects of companies in the food value chain. Our expertise encompasses the entire value chain of the field, from producer to end customer.

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