From speculation to genuine customer understanding

Our in-depth industry knowledge enables us to genuinely base our thinking on the customer's point of view and find suitable solutions.

For years, the operational environment of the insurance industry has been undergoing major changes. Life insurance companies, property and casualty insurance companies, employment pension insurance companies and insurance associations shall face changes also in the future.

In future, these agencies will not only offer insurances and pay compensations, but they will provide life management and well-being services for customers. Tightening regulation also changes traditional business models and requires constant investments from operators. Consolidation continues, methods change, service boundaries disappear, and the network-based modus operandi becomes more common. At the same time, the digital revolution leads informed customers to expect more personalised service and communication, in multiple channels, regardless of time and place.



We help our customers in the following areas of operation:


Why Digia?

Digia has been working for years with several insurance companies. We work in tight partnership with our customers. Our customers value especially our excellent industry knowledge. We maintain and develop our customers' systems and offer a wide range of services for their efficient utilisation. Our comprehensive service includes the following aspects:

Customer based application development and production    |   Maintenance and support    |    Architectures   |    Integrations    |    Digia Financial Systems solutions  |    Management ICT consulting


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